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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 13, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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's "fast 5 (tm) discount" just for getting an instant online quote. - thanks, professor. - don't forget the good student discount.  >> bob: wreck back to miami nationals and marlins waiting for a rain delay. that's the bad news. the good news is that the skies are brightening up hopefully some clear conditions on the way. top of the sixth. they have a runner award ahead of the marlins 7-1. it is an official game when we get started we'll bring you back here live all of them are fierce, all of them are strong, quick and all of them are part of the story that began long ago, a story written by men who found in a sport a demanding measure of their own courage and ability. >> fifth touchdown throw for peyton manning. >> adrien peterson is loose.
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>> touchdown. >> touchdown. >> brady to moss. >> and he does it again. bring its down the field and touchdown number two. threw a beautiful ball there. >> larry fitzgerald. do you believe it? >> the pittsburgh steelers have won the super bowl for their sixth time. >> take a swipe at one of ours and we'll take a swipe at two of yours. >> detroit lions select matthew staff ord. >> i want to win a super bowl. >> i didn't want to say: "what if." >> week one of the n.f.l. season. jets and texans and new york done got themselves a quarterback. >> young guy making it happen.
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over the top of the defense, don't have to worry about the zone conflict. mark sanchez and the jets out of the gate for week one win over the texans 24-7. late games around the n.f.l. as baltimore, surprise at that 31-24 chase hanging with ravens. down to third string quarterback, but broed brody c looks good. and tony romo and the cowboys, big gaudy numbers and rahe, m morris' debut in tampa bay. >> and with that, we say welcome inside the "espnews" newsroom. kevin connors returned through interceptions for touchdown in approximate three different seasons. long business card. >> a lot to say. >> eric allen with us on week
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one of the n.f.l. season. a former player mentality. week one, put into word what is it means. >> it is just a special time, to walk on the grass and you made the roster in some cases. they get their opportunity. some veterans starting off, make sure outstanding season. outstanding job. feels like a holiday. >> it does. hear from the head coaches and key players. rex ryan. let's talk about the philadelphia eagles team well in control. trainers appeared to be checking out his ribs or lower back. compare the eagles with donovan mcnabb to the eagles without
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donovan mcnabb. >> this team is an explosive team with him. he can run outside the pock sxet make it happen with his leg, like the play when he was injured. he has a great cannon arm to find receivers in the middle of the football field. so many weapons. this team is not the same without him because they don't have the versatility as with him there. >> at least now michael vick is available in week three. we need to wait and see what andy reid and donovan mcnabb will have to say. we will bring the news conferences right here. and an incredible finish between the bengals and broncos. cincinnati grabs a lead late in the sixth. kyle orton, and pass tipped in the air. and e.a., take us through this, how on earth did the bengals
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lose this game? >> what an incredible head's up play by stokley. tipped and overthrow. that is what we teach, tips and overthrows have to be defense. stokley running the football and making it happen. congratulations to the broncos, by hanging on and playing quality, quality defense and then making a big play when it counts. >> you know, as a former defensive back here in this situation and you are seeing that play for the first time we're seeing it, how do you allow the wide receiver on a tip to get behind the defense in that situation? >> the ball is the key. when the ball is in the air, we are taught to attack the football. the football is ours. everyone is rallying to the football. the safety, mind you, is trying to deliver a big hit on the receiver so he can't catch the ball. all the focus is on the football. you need a receiver once the football is in the air. you want to attack the football. stokley head's up, having his
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eyes to the ball, sees it will be tipped or the guy will get hit, makes a great play and gets along the end zone and understands the clock continues to tick as long as he doesn't cross the line and run sideways, so a veteran moving all the way around to take all the ticks on the clock and being around to get the ball. >> talk about kiss the baby, the bengals seem to find a way to lose games. from one incredible finish to another. going final in indianapolis. jags down 14-12. and maurice jones-drew at the line of scrimmage. and the colts would go on to win this football game by final of 14-12. so talk about another football team losing their head coach in tony dungy in the off season and jim caldwell takes over. would peyton manning have that stud receiver? those are number one receiver
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numbers. >> he is not a number two anymore, he's a number one guy. outstanding jor upon getting open and finding holes in the defense. as you see here, 10 catches for under 162 yards and a touchdown. he's peyton manning's number one guy. more impact and more punch from the running game, but going into the football game, i thought they had to do a very good job of limiting maurice jones-drew under 100 yards. they did that. didn't stop them on the goal line. he had been the achilles hill the past couple years. maurice jones-drew, as far as rushing against the indianapolis colts. >> 97 yards and a touchdown run, but it is not enough. the colts win by two. >> brett favre's debut in minnesota. he's back in the n.f.l. 270 consecutive start. >> he handed the ball off, especially to that guy right there, one of the most dominant
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running backs in the game. >> and the rookie, percy harvy and all day adrien peterson, again, great move up inside the middle and then straight on running physical and that is where you used to see this young man being able to finish plays like this. as long as brett favre has this type of runner in the back field he's going to do fine. he doesn't have to worry about throwing the ball 30 or 40 times per game. physical play by the young man from oklahoma. >> peterson take its in, one of two touchdown runs on the day. you know what, so far, so good. minnesota defense stellar in the 34-20 win. peterson 180 yards. three touchdowns and e.a. let's go on it. 14 of 21, 110 yards. you saw the it touchdown pass, what did you see from favre?
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>> i saw him early on being conservative and they will not allow him to come out and throw the ball. they wanted to hand the ball off, screens and draws and get him in situation where is he can be successful. if they can maintain a win defensively and hold the team, they can run the football. i don't think you will see a lot of passing from brett favre, it will be a situation where he is chain-moving quarterback where he has the force and be able to complete short ball and allow the athletes to get going. basically the screen and it is a good idea to wait until a two-minute drill and we'll see if brett favre is the kind of guy who can lead the team to the super bowl when he has to be by himself running a drill and getting points for his team. >> from the old, to the new. you want to talk about a leader emerging with the jets? we gallon in depth on mark sanchez, but e.a., what was most
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impressive about him today? >> just the ability to come out and all the pressure that is on top of his shoulders and make the big plays. for a young guy, it is easy to go up on top because you can see the coverage. you can see if your guy has beaten them or you need to throw the fade stop or dump on. the middle is difficult to be successful with when you are a young guy. >> the key stat of this game for the jets. eight of 14 on third down conversio conversions. one-on-one on fourth down conversion. sanchez 18 of 31. 272 yards in his debut. did throw interception and touchdown. thomas jones, pair of touchdown runs and as we go in depth on the jets, overall football team, i know you love to talk defense. they have rex ryan. bart scott is in the fold. leo sheppard is in the secondary and this is jet defense playing without calvin pace or shawn ellis to hold the offensive team and the texans to seven points.
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what does that tell you? >> when i talk about the two new guys, the quarterback did a great job. what about the head coach and his great defense. they looked great and disguised a lot and came up with different fronts up the middle. guys unblocked as far as li linebackers are concerned. causing turbovers and running to the football and i tell you what, they attacked and ryan has to be happy about how defense prepared for the football team. they got after it today. >> we joked about it today. the tabloids in approximate new york, mark sanchez the darling in the world. jets off to 1-0 start. the texans played well in houston last season. disappointing way to start the season. let's look at the numbers on rookie quarterbacks. mark sanchez, we know joe flacco and matt ryan did. the jet rookie quarterbacks starting in week one go back to dick jamison in 1960. sanchez starting game one of the
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season, gaudy numbers, the first jet rookie to throw for a touchdown since chad pennington did so in 2000. e.a. just from overall n.f.l. perspective, a rookie quarterback, how difficult is the adjust frment college to the n.f.l.? >> it it is so different. look back to last year, the two guys that had success and outstanding defenses. they had a running game. the jets definitely have that. he is in a very good situation to lead this team and to possibility of doing a lot better than people expect because of the great defense. they will give you the ball and turnover in situation where is it is favorable to offense. special teams did outstanding job. the coaching staff really maintained this offense very well today, ran the football and set up the play action, threw the ball over the top and allowed him to show that arm. outside the the pocket he did well, too. he has combination of skills that will allow him to be successful.
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>> we'll get into matthew staffard's day. he started with the lions today. staffard looks good, but the difference between sanchez and staff ordis is the team the quarterback has around him. >> that is right. >> we saw it with matt ryan last year and with joe flacco. they may have elevated their game, but they had the pieces around them. joe flacco and the falcons, were they a cinderela team a season ago? did they catch lightning in a bottle? it helps when you add a big weapon like tony gonzalez. >> yeah. four or five catches. look at the big guy move. one of the best to ever play the position. it is difficult to matchup to him. too big, stereo small, always a problem. ryan has a great tightend at his disposa disposal. >> five catches for tony gonzalez, manageable numbers for matt ryan. nothing going to light up a fantasy league, two touchdowns.
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they are not brees numbers, but what they care about is next to the word falcon, 1-0. >> 19-7 and the wthat, is most important. >> indeed. atlanta defense looking strong. matthew staff ordagainst drew brees and the saints. new orleans can light it up. >> it is surprising this football team continues to throw the football so effectively with so many great coordinators out there. look at that, 45 points and the one thing i have to go to is the lions are one team, but once you play quality football teams you have to find a way if you are the new orleans saints to run the football. this is exciting and great stuff. i don't mean to rain on your parade in new orleans, great town and great fans. 45 points outstanding. when you get to crunch time, you got to be able to keep that ball away from outstanding offense.
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you got to be able to run the football and run it effectively. they didn't need that today. drew brees, i put him in the top three of of quarterbacks, him and peyton manning and we'll see a guy tomorrow in brady and those are the top three and then there is everyone else. >> the lions tis now 18 straight losses dating back to 2007. they have lost 24 or appear -- the game is not over yet, 24 of 25. >> they are better than last year, definitely. >> i think you have to be happy if you are a lions fan about the offensive input today. they were able to throw the ball and they are in kind of a basketball typesetting. you spread everybody out and it is great to sit back and show arm strength and make it happen. there will be bumps in the road. there will be interceptions and he will lineup behind a guard once or twice.
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tell you what, it looks like guys have outstanding young player who will develop into a good pro there. need to get the pieces around him like you were talking about earlier. the lions will win games. i guarantee you that, we will not sit up here for 16 weeks and do like last year and say next week may be it. i'm kind of sad, though, because i love the coach and his press conferences. >> we don't have rod marinelli to pick around anymore. a whole lot of news conferences are coming your way on "espnews," including the scene in minnesota. what does brett favre have to say? we'll take you out to listen in on what
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>> game one of the eric mangini era in cleveland goes down as a loss. vikings 34-20 winners. they get three rushing toucuchdowns from adrien peters. 180 yards on the day. e.a., we wondered if if brett favre would have the discipline to let peterson be the man and through one week of the season, the answer is yes. >> the coach does a great job, solid job, of directing and being conservative. that got the process going. you don't want to disrupt greatness when you see peterson running the football. >> and brady quinn won the battle in cleveland, we think. i don't know if eric mangini announced it yet. quinn was a starter. mangini, you never know, quinn 21-35, 205 yards, one touch and one interception. speaking of eric mangini, the head coach of the browns, moments ago.
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>> the edge on two long plays. we had other opportunities to stop drives. we had them backed up at one point and didn't stop a drive. we had them on a third and long and lost track of the tight end. those things, you can't do them. you can't do them and hope to be successful. >> eric, your thoughts on brady's performance today and all the way through the first and second half. >> well, i think they were some positive things. things wee did well in terms of recognizing the coverage they are in and getting in run check when they had seven in the box and when they had eight in the box, that was something we wanted to do and i think it helped us in the running game. i think in the second half the primary job of the quarterback is to protect the football and we can't turn the ball over twice and that is something that has to continue to improve. >> eric, seems like edwards was
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on the super pages the entire game. what do you attribute that to? >> you know, i don't agree they were on different pages. i think we could have made better throws at times and run sharper routes at time. i don't think it was a function of being on a different page. it was a function of being able to execute plays more effectively. >> eric, i know, how do you prevent mentality from seeping in, here we go again. >> last year has nothing to do with this year. next yearville nothing to do with this year either. what we control is right now. with this group of guys, by the way we work and respond and prepare, that is what effects this year. that is what effects right now. and it's consistently going to
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be emphasized because it is right. last year has no effect on this year and five years ago, that doesn't either. it is right now, this moment, this group, how we work and prepare and execute on sunday. >> you mentioned the distances minnesota was able to convert. there was a consistent problem, did you notice? >> i'm not one -- it was loss of check down. looked like wide receiver screen where he would lock and delay. we didn't maintain our position on him. everybody else is in man-to-man coverage and same thing as running game, if you don't have all the guys taken care of and maintain that, then you're going to have problems, especially in man-to-man where you don't have the second level because they're engaged with the people they cover. [question inaudible]
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>> i think they saw it can be successful. i think there were points during the course of the game where we did move the ball well and there were point where is we had opportunities for some big plays. i think it is a function of doing those things better than we did here today. >> you were not a happy camper during the -- after peterson's run, just looking at your body language, what was going through your mind as you watched? >> yeah, it's not something i haven't seen multiple times from him and not something that we all haven't seen multiple times from him. if you let him get on the edge, you got a problem f. once he gets on the edge and in the secondary and you don't leverage him, you have a problem. if you don't wrap a player like him up, it's not going to go for
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six more yards, it's going to go for whatever it went for. >> you think they just got tired the second half, did that account for some of that? >> you know, i give minnesota a lot of of credit. i think they came out in the second half and they played well. believe me, there's a lot of things we can do better based on our second half performance. >> coaching, playing, right down the line. >> eric, your thoughts on brett, you seem to contain him in the first half and the second half running game helped him. just brett's first game with minnesota? >> um, you know, i think in the second half i'm not sure how many times he actually threw the ball or threw it down the field or was asked to do those things. he can do those things and he was more emphasis on throwing the football at that point. there were some times where they
4:25 pm
had runs called and brett looked over and checked the receiver, ran a quick slant and those things are very consistent with how it's been. i'm sure he doll a great job. >> eric, coming into today, the perception you had of your team and the reality of it, how close are the two, to what you had and where you are now? >> really it is the same thing i talked about with the group. it's what we want it it to be. there was a lot of really good football in the first half. and we saw how that went and then there were a lot of things that weren't right in the second half and we saw how that went. same players, same games, same schemes. i don't think there is a lot of variation. we obviously tried different things in the second half when the situation changed in terms of the score, but it's the same group, 30 minutes apart.
4:26 pm
>> more your guys not doing what they did in the first half or minnesota making adjustments? >> again, i think that minnesota played well throughout the course of the game and i think there were things that -- core things we vehicle done better. i use a word like "lfeverage" ad leveraging the -- those are core things you have to do play in and play out. when you place a player of adrien peterson's caliber, it only takes once. he only needs one time to exploit it. >> couple more, guys. >> there were a lot of shorter passes today. was that the game plan going in or did they do something to take away that deep ball? >> well, there were some shots down the field, the interception was a shot, touchdown, pass interference was a shot. we had a couple called. they have a pretty effective
4:27 pm
pass rush that generates sacks and you have to account for that and they're good across the board there. combination of things and things we thought we could do well. >> all right. so eric mangini and the browns, loser necessary week one 34-20. so much conversation in the pre-season nfact, leading up to the first week of the season who, cleveland would go with the starting quarterback, brady quinn or derek anderson. we found out it would be quinn. you have a problem in the timing of the announcement, why? >> i understand, he comes from the belichick mode of keeping it in the locker room, but the quarterback is the leader of your football team. the earlier he gets the position, the earlier the power. it makes n.f.l. teams go and thrive. these guys are so close there is
4:28 pm
always a competition in the locker room if you keep the guys close. this summer throughout the pre-season we looked at both of these guys and here is why, some examples why one guy deserved it or not. just a nice throw. again, that shoulder fake, receiver open and the middle of the football field, coming back with nice, solid throw. anderson number three. ball up top, high, allowing receiver to come get the ball. nice throw. we can see that over and over here again. okay. pump fake and pump fake to get the defense to bite one way and throw the ball right behind them. he has a safety, kind of turning around. again, great job of delivering the ball here. one more time, back up in the pocket. nice lacer throw here and again he's doing all the necessary things to make it happen. here again, brady quinn back in
4:29 pm
the pocket. check down and able to go down and make sure you throw the ball outside where only your guy can get it. again, off the motion. able to get back in the pocket and this is what i like about brady quinn. in the pocket, he's not afraid to get hit and hit outside with the pocket. he made it happen also. one more time, brady quinn drops back play action fake and timing throw here. one, two, three, four, five, ball is out. cowboys made this route famous. again, with aikman and irving. you have to have a good relationship, which he has with braylon edwards. very close. brady quinn because of the pocket presence and being able to make plays outside the pocket, one thing that gave him the edge over anderson. as soon as it was made, you have to make that decision so braid keget in and say, i am the guy. the team is behind me. and anderson, good player and backup in a support role.
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i have a problem with it, but today 2:05, they รบรบรทรท  welcome back the nation and the top of the 6th lead the marlins 7-1. harris scored a couple of runs. dess mopped and guzman an r.b.i. the story is filling in for zimmerman. a 2 run homerun john lannan has gone and given up only one run for the marlins and scored 11 yesterday. we return you now to espn news as they work on the field here in florida carolina and listen to andy reid, the head is donovan out? >> that is not safe to say. >> what is the initial feedback
4:31 pm
you got from him, how he's feeling? >> he's sore right now. he has a broken rib. we'll see how he does. [question inyouaudible] >> i probably valid done everything not to do that, that is why we took him back in and took the pads off at the end. i can't tell you until we get to see. >> andy, what did you think about the way the offense performed without donovan? >> if it comes to that, i have trust in kevin to do the job. you know, the unfortunate thing with the number two guy, they don't get a lot of reps during the week. if he has a chance to get reps, i think you'll see more production there. >> and you might be able to play donovan next week? >> yeah there, is a chance. we'll see. i mean, the game just got over.
4:32 pm
you have had a few, i know. i've got to see how things go. we'll take it day-by-day and see how it goes. [question inaudible] >> yep. one. [question inaudible] >> yeah, you know, i thought -- listen tis tough to see all of them, but it looked like there was good production up front and i was happy with the way they play. obviously you got to go back and analyze the film. it looked like he did a fairly decent job. [question inaudible] >> i thought he had a good game plan and i thought the defensive staff did a nice job and i thought the players played like
4:33 pm
crazy. they played their hearts out. i was proud of that group. [question inaudible] >> for his first time out, i thought he did some good things. i was able to give him reps and get him some rest that second half. it was good to get him in there and we'll add to it. >> all the turmoil on the offensive line, how do you feel they did? >> yeah. well, i thought he did pretty good. i thought as a group the guys, i'd like to see it before i comment on that. i just looked like they were productive and we had a couple too many false starts. we'll get that ironed out and go from there. [question inaudible]
4:34 pm
>> yeah, he did a nice job i thought all the way around. he had a great return there. nice job blocking for him, but also he hit it and you have to do that. then explosive player on the offensive side and we've had him in the back field, at quarterback. we've had him at wide receiver spot, all the different spots. he's a smart kid and a very good player. yeah, you know what, donovan just asked me that. i don't know. looked like the guy's momentum was going forward. i'm not -- they didn't call it, so i presume it was legal. i really haven't gotten a clean picture of it it. [question inaudible] >> he thinks that was it, but again, i haven't seen the picture. i will have to see it. i was walking out there and i don't walk very fast. [question inaudible]
4:35 pm
>> i don't know that, i can't tell you. i'll know more as we go, i know he has a fractured rib. we'll see how he does. [question inaudible] >> you know what, i'm not going to compare, i'll let you guy dos that. i just -- his personality will come out in it and that's everybody is different. for today that was a heck of a job. he deserves a lot of credit today. >> you talk about that big play. >> which one? that was a good one. i can tell you a rib is is broken. >> all right, guys. >> right there the storyline, 38-10, eagles actually fell behind 7-0, trailing 7-0 until
4:36 pm
the one-minute mark of the first quarter, but then outscoring carolina in the second quarter alone 28-7. from there, no contest. donovan mcnabb 10 of 18, 79 yards, two touchdowns, one interception, one broken rib. the eagles 1-0 on the season. kevin connors, eric allen inside the "espnews" newsroom. the question i asked off air and i will ask now, what is it like to play with a broken rib? >> very difficult and we'll have to understand the process and they'll talk about which type of rib and the severity of the break. there's some you can play with, some you definitely cannot play with. the breathe suggest very difficult. obviously to get hit in your quarterback position, you are difficult. the throwing motion, if it is on the right side, could be very difficult. a lot of things to consider here and we're talking about playing with an injury, not just a
4:37 pm
hurting pain. that is one thing all n.f.l. players understand. this game is about injury. this could be a situation where the personnel department for the philadelphia eagles made a great move in getting a guy like mike vick to come and back him up. this could turn out to be outstanding move from the personnel department. really sometimes we don't see the personnel department show up during the year. steelers, of course, and patriots and eagles all have great personnel departments. they go unnoticed. donovan mcnabb goes down, the guy comes in to back up that, move is essential and we could see how the organizations are run. >> obviously, we need to find out the severity of the injury and where the rib is, if donovan mcnabb can go. it is important to note, michael vick, he is not ready to go until week three because of the commissioner's ruling. kevin cobb would be the starter if donovan mcnabb could not go
4:38 pm
in week two. we talked about the injury, let's see how it played out. eagles take on the carolina panthers and e.a., early on, this is jake delhomme at the pressure defense. >> yeah. again, i think the injury is going to be the big story. for me, the big story was jimmie johnson passing. defense special teams and this guy right here continuing to make explosive plays. so many weapons. >> 85-yard punt return and third quarter, this is the play donovan mcnabb out of the shotgun and scrambling and finds the end zone. this is the play the injury occurred on. >> yeah, again, hit in the back the quarterbacks have protective armor that goes around the rib. obviously he's wearing that. it shows how physical this game is and how fast these guys play and it is unfortunate for the
4:39 pm
eagles, they look great today. >> and donovan mcnabb, pair of thrilling touchdowns and eagles with dominant showing, 38-10. once donovan mcnabb steps to the podium, we will bring it it to you on "espnews." >> vike sxgs browns, week one of the brett favre experiment. starting record 270th consecutive game. handing off to adrien peterson. another dynamite day for peterson. talk about the rookie. >> you have to have impact players, explosive players to help brett favre and be the second guy. >> how about this, 51st different receiver to catch a touchdown. >> man. >> then the strength of peterson on this run. >> physical ability of this guy. he looks like a jim brown tief of player back in the old days. adrien peterson is getting it done. he's a class league. hits the hole. great job. i will give you love, too.
4:40 pm
the end is all about it. >> surprised how quickly the vikings looked like they geled offensively in this game? >> no, he's the kind of guy that makes a difference and can make the team look outstanding. >> 180 yards rushing. brett favre, who dominated headlines, one of the big focal points, 34-20. let's listen in now in cleveland, ohio, the thoughts of brett favre following yet another win, his first in vikings purple. >> touchdown like that. >> i haven't played with a running back like that. this guy is pretty awesome is an understatement. and yes, i have tackled a lot of guys. must be new. >> you saw more touchdown passes in your career than anyone in
4:41 pm
history. how meaningful was that? >> um, it was obviously crucial time in the game and you know i don't know how many i've thrown, but they've all been a blast to throw. and yeah, some had maybe more meaning than others, but i was pretty excited. had we scored running the ball, i would have been equally as excited. that one ranks near the top, as well. i asked percy if he kept the ball and he did. i didn't know if i tackled him and he lost it. >> it doesn't get old? >> it hasn't yet. i get older, but that doesn't get old. i had fun today. of course, winning helps. handing to adrien peterson helps. i had a lot of fun.
4:42 pm
[question inaudible] -- did you feel you had permission to lead him? >> i still think there is a lot of chemistry yet. it was evident on numerous plays. i threw a fade to sydney one time and there was miscommunication. he was right, i was wrong. he had out and up and i thought based on coverage would take it on the fate. numerous plays i could point to. and to come out of the game with a win and to be of course we know we can run the ball. but there is going to be times like today where we're going to throw it and in order for tous win. a big play for us today was the seam route hit to percy.
4:43 pm
i think they declined the penalty, it was a sack. that is the type of plays we have to make. as far as passing game is concerned, we have to be able to, the running game is a running game. i don't know what else i can say about that. we may -- one run was very productive today and may not be as productive next week. another run probably will be. everyone in the stadium knows adrien peterson is going to get it and he still gets 180 yards. i think that's remarkable. but from a passing game standpoint, i said it going in and i'll say it after the game, there is a lot of chemistry yet to gain and we are doing it on the fly. the plays are very similar to what i've run in the past and i've said that all along. it's how our guys run them.
4:44 pm
>> go ahead. >> it helped him with -- you are not backing down to teams, and you trust him. >> well, i -- which play? yes. i wouldn't say it was, it it was a two-way play, not to get too technical, but he had an in break in the route and by coverage it would have been hard for him to get inside so sydney is a unique player and he will be the first to say he's not going to outrun anyone, but he has a huge catch radius, excellent ball skills and i told him prior to the game and during the game, keep -- stay in my ear, never bothers me if a guy says look for him or i'm here, stay in my ear.
4:45 pm
he did. i like his approach to the game. i like his confidence. i like a lot of these guys. and that's just really the pass interference, if if i make a better throw, it's a touchdown. i threw too far inside. he is the type of guy that will get pass interference if he doesn't catch it. so trust in taking a chance, it wasn't he was wide open, but trusting he'll make the play. it is like adrian, you keep handing it to him and stop, stop, stop and all of a sudden, you got to keep trusting him. that is where we are offensively. i thought as the game is over, i had a blast, it wasn't 400-yard passing game, but it doesn't have to be. i'll be first to tell you, i'll take that any day of the week as long as we win.
4:46 pm
that is what it is all about. [question inaudible] >> yeah. you know, i haven't played with an offense like this. you know, it's a special running game starting with 28, but i tell you what, that offensive line is pretty impressive and i know there is some new face necessary there, but you have to be out there to appreciate it oshs fencive linemen in general. but the passion that our guys play with. i've only been around them for a few weeks, but i've played against these guys and it matters to them. you know, we were tired and worn out, but the other team was worn
4:47 pm
out, as well. that is where we have to take advantage of that. i think today was a -- and there will be time when is it will be stopped, maybe not completely, but stopped more than we would expect and that is when we have to be able to count. >> what will it take teams -- >> they blitzed a bunch today, but adrien peterson rushed 180 yards. you know, the first he was a shoestring away from going 70 or 80. it came with a blitz and they barely tripped him up and that would have been an easier run than the long run in the latter part of the game where he had to break a ton of tackles. it's a risk e ward thing
4:48 pm
against us f. you're playing us, you're going to say, are they going to throw it 40 times a game or hand to adrian 40 or whatever times. how do we want to approach that and i don't know the answer because i think most of their blitz es today were run blitz es. i know erand i can he came in, no secret, we have to stop adrien peterson. why would he say we're going to come in and stop brett favre and pervy harvin? most went into sets we were in. all right. you know, i don't know the answer to that. >> last couple. >> how strange was it seeing eric on the other side and how does this feel, any different from your comeback last year? >> it was nice to see eric. nice visit with him before and
4:49 pm
after the game. i think a lot of erand i can had a chance to play against a lot of guys i played with last year. it is just kind of funny this is the room it it all kicked off last year. i had a blast last year and thought a lot of the guys, players and coaches. does it feel any different? um, i don't think it feels any more or less different than last year, it just feels -- today it felt fine, the first pre-season game it it felt different, it felt weird walking out in approximate the metro dome and being on the opposite sideline and being cheered as opposed to other things. felt different, but i feel -- i felt really comfortable today. i -- i felt like overtime i did
4:50 pm
that last year and you know that by the way everyone of those guys i played with last year came up to the game or during the game and -- you can just tell and i feel the same way about those guys. eric will do a fine job here. and brian, just think the world of them. i shouldn't say it felt weird looking across, if you play long enough that happens. i mean, guy come and go, coaches come and go, i've come and gone. [laughter] >> last question, brett. >> when you say you have to build chemistry with the other guys, all the other stuff that goes on in the football season, how difficult will it be to do those things? >> that is the most important thing. you talk about how things go in football. i know as a younger player you
4:51 pm
can get caught up in other things. as i told the team when i had a chance to speak with them, i have one agenda and that is to win football games -- however that needs to be done. and the only way you get chemistry, i think the guys know me, but how do i play? oh, i better keep running on that play, brett will throw it. that is the type of stuff. i need to give sydney rice a chance on bump-and-run coverage because he will go up and get the -- that is the first day i get here, coaches say, fill it up, do this, do that, you go, i don't know. you have to go out and do it in practice and in games. and the best way to get chemistry is games. and yeah we're playing for real right now and as i said, we're learning on the fly and that make its more difficult because we did sputter in the passing
4:52 pm
game. and i know brad and darrell were trying to not overdo it, but yet knew we needed to get a spark going and i think that completely, i wasn't over there saying, do this, do that, i am learning, as we go, as well. as i've said throughout this pre-season and start of regular season, it is a work in progress. we won the football game and i would hope and thank we'll continue to get better and that's the only way it it can be done. that is the only thing that is important. >> thanks a lot, adrien peterson. >> what do they say about brett favre? he looks like he's having fun out there. he looks like he's having fun handing off to adrien peterson. >> yeah. brett favre is doing a great job of understanding how to be a leader on and off the football field. >> 180 yards for adrien peterson, making brett favre's debut victorious. >> let's update on doing the
4:53 pm
giants stadium right now. giants 3-0 lead on the red skins and albert haynesworth left the game after the redskins manufactured a goal line stand and unclear what the injury was, but we saw $100 million dollars on the football stadium and the acquisition in washington taken out of the game and left the field on his own power. that is a major update giants stadium new york 3-0 lead on red skin necessary first quarter. >> "the blitz," brought to you by e-harmony, are you ready to fall in love? >> kevin connors and eric allen back on "the blitz." we are getting warmed up and so are the minnesota vikings. what brett favre did is not what we were used to seeing. no 300-yard day, but he seems to
4:54 pm
be on the same page as percy harvin. >> he can utilize this guy. he knows every defense coming at him. it's his job to set up the young players to get the explosive play here and there. here again, down by the goal line, don't throw the ball far, just get the ball in the hands of a guy like this. great route running. if you can do that and get good rhythm, look at that. all right showing the inthuz yachl and just the joy of playing and if you can get the young man behind you, you will have an outstanding option outside of the running game. i expect play action and getting the ball to this fast guy. one-on-one matchup. good route running. brett gets the ball and the guy is gone. >> harvin three catches and ran the ball twice for 23 yards. the running game and minnesota vikings, it starts with adrien peterson, 180 yards and three
4:55 pm
touchdowns. the thoughts of the vikings super star following the week one win. >> personal fouls? it was pretty good, one of the better ones. >> what was wrong with it? >> what was wrong with it? i didn't go and touch. >> you didn't look like you wanted to go and touch. >> well, that was fun. i was just determined to get in the end zone and stick that dagger in there. >> adrian, coach said he thought you got -- what was happening in the first half? >> the first half? yeah, i just came out and was feeling light-headed. really wasn't feeling good, i was weak. but i just came out slow in the first half and everyone else was on point, had a good tempo and i wasn't in sync. i was able to come out second half and get back in and take care of business. >> what happened for you to feel
4:56 pm
so much better in such a short span? obviously you had an (inaudible) -- >> i gagged myself a couple times trying to get everything out of my stomach out. normally that makes me feel better. it did. i came in and got an i.v. and was able to come out and feeling recharged and rejuvenated. >> did you lose a lot the first half? >> the first half? i took a hit and i don't know if it was a clip for chin strap that got me or what-not, our guy dids a good job of wrapping me up and keeping me from losing too much blood. >> how early did that happen? >> i can't recall. i was just -- yeah. >> adrian, you are confident, yet humble. brett favre said you are awesome. what is it it like to hear him say at game time, you are
4:57 pm
awesome. how did that make you feel? >> man, it -- i don't know, i sit back and try to smile. brett favre, made me feel pretty good. i just got to keep a level head and continue to work hard and prepare each week and go out and do what i do. >> are you surprised how humble he is? bottom line is he just wants to win. he will pick a sack or won't cough it up. the things he's doing, like it is adrian's team. >> we will balance it out. balance it out and that is our approach. teams play us even, not overload the box. take that defender out and play balanced defense. it goes hand in hand, he helps me out and i help him out. we will continue to win games. >> did you even notice today, did they play --
4:58 pm
>> well, you know, really didn't necessarily see it today. we knew preparing this week, what kind of defense we were facing. knew they would be crowding the line of scrimmage and bringing different looks. so we knew what was in store. but it is really not about what those guys do, it is about what we do and we came out and we had to see the game plan and it wasn't perfect. we were able to continue to fight and make the big plays and come out with the big win. >> do you ever have a little extra -- >> little extra? just a little bit, not too much. it is business, so it is what it is. i don't know what they have to say about it it, but i'm excited to be a minnesota viking and looking forward to next week. >> last question. >> actually my first time ever getting an i.v. and i needed it.
4:59 pm
my first time getting it, but i came out feeling good. >> what did you think of percy's first game and what can he add to this? >> you know, before he even took a snap, i said, he's a play make sxer he can get the ball and take you the distance f. one guy missed, he can take it to the house. he will open up a lot for us and continue to get the ball in his hands and help his offense be productive. >> last question, guys. >> no. i guess he gets slack, he can come in with t-shirts and wranglers and his hat, as long as he gets the job done. >> thanks.


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